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Hola & Hi everybody! My name is Gabby Q ~ aka GabbyQuinteros ~ and a lot of you know me as that horny MexiMilf from Twitter. I was born in Mexico but raised in the USA. To be specific, my family & heritage is from Guadalajara, Jalisco. Itís known as the culture center of Mexico and itís also where Tequila originated from. *big grin* which is my favorite party drink. Patron anyone?

My journey to the adult entertainment industry started on Myspace of all places. I have always been a flirt and love to tease. I was able to post pictures of myself but nothing nude. I was shocked how many people like seeing my pictures and interacting with me. I took it a step higher and really embrace my sexual fantasies by visiting strip bars in my area, having one night stands with young men and enjoying lots of girlfriends "with benefits". I've always been attracted to women as much as men but I knew I had to stop denying myself that pleasure. It is hard to explain but as I grew into being a 'MILF', I opened up sexually. I decided to throw caution to wind & started to "dance" in local strip joints. I also looked into shooting sex on camera. I was interviewed by one of the top modeling agencies in porn & was hired to shoot for some of the top companies in the business including Naughty America. Getting off on camera was just as exciting as I thought it would be... and there was no turning back. Funny, just a few years ago, I thought it was really taboo just to be a dancer - now I look forward to shooting videos with my face glazed with cum.

I started on twitter when it first came out. I had always been friends with Vicky Vette from Myspace. One day she asked me if I wanted to be on something called #TeamBj - where we would promise our followers on twitter all blowjobs if Holland won the World Cup (one of the girls on the "Team" was from Holland). The idea was thrilling & naughty. All that cock? What if Holland won? Could I handle all that? I couldn't say no. All of a sudden my name was plastered all over the world press. I was a bit bummed when Holland lost in the World Cup Finals but I had so much fun on twitter interacting with all my followers that I decided to post more racey pictures. Unlike Myspace, Twitter allows a bit "more". It is amazing to me but I now have more than 100,000 followers.... more than any other Mexican American pornstar in the world. Me... a San Diego MexiMILF with 100,000 followers??!?!?! It still blows my mind

Twitter wasn't enough... I wanted a website where I could 'let it all hang out'. Vicky Vette asked me one day if I was interested in joining the Vette Nation Network and setting up a site. I was thrilled. She has some of the best girls in the business - all of whom you can meet free with your membership here. Girls like Vicky Vette, Sara Jay, Francesca Le', Deauxma..... and me? I am putting all of my xrated videos here, shooting JUST for you guys. It's where you can meet me live, weekly - free with your membership. Get to know the real me..... Although I am a reserved person in part and keep my personal life separate from my naughty side, I love being promiscuous, fulfilling my sexual desires as much as I can. The thought of being a sexual object turns me on. The feeling of being penetrated is such a rush and the taste of a woman's pussy is so addictive. I'd like to consider myself the most wholesome latina slut walking around these beautiful hills in California.

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